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Do you dream of having a business that gives you the freedom and money to live the life you deserve? Looking for a proven way to fill your coaching and consulting practice with clients, who pay you tens of thousands of dollars a year for the privilege to work with you? Do you have products that are collecting dust rather than making you great money? If you said YES! then this message is for you.

You’re about to discover the fastest way to fill your pipeline with high-paying clients!

Make 2017 the best year ever with...

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The Fastest Route to a Six Figure Business
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It’s a fact... presenting to your “sweet spot” market is by far the best way to turn prospects into high-paying clients. It’s also the best way to move lots of product quickly. And it’s a lot easier than most people realize... when you know what to do.

Imagine being able to have five- and six-figure paydays by doing what you love...sharing your knowledge to small and large groups of people. Is that really possible? Absolutely. Experts around the globe do this all the time.

Imagine making more in one day than most people make in a year. When you know what to do and how to do it you can pretty much write your own ticket and...

Sell High-Ticket Programs from the Stage

Here’s the reality of making money... it’s not as hard as most people make it out to be. Actually, it’s quite simple when you make offers to people who are a great fit for your expertise.

Most experts use the “one person at a time” model to enroll clients into their high-end programs. Does this work? Absolutely!

But what works better, and takes a lot less time, is getting in front of groups of potential clients, showing how much you can benefit them by giving a great presentations, and then making a sweet offer they absolutely want to take advantage of. In fact, they’re eager to buy from you.

The reality is that you CAN make great money if you know how to package offers your potential clients want. There ‘s so much business out there that you CAN get to a place that you literally pick and choose whom you work with. Imagine how great life will be when you cross that line.

The mistake most people make is they hide out hoping beyond hope people will buy their “stuff” but they haven’t established their message, their offers are weak, they don’t know how to ask for the sale, and they're not even confident people will pay them.

The fact is this; there are clients who WANT to invest in what you have to offer. Simple as that, but many experts don’t know how to create the right offers.

Your Perspective & Point of View Count

What sells is your perspective and point of view packaged in a way that appeals to clients who are willing to invest in their personal and professional development.

Are you ready to take your rightful place as an expert who makes a great living doing what you love while making an incredible impact on the lives of men and women around the globe?

If you’re done playing small, join me for Speak, Sell, Profit Virtual Training.

Speaking from the stage offers many opportunities including:

I figured out a long time ago that my role is to help others make things happen in a big way. And with Speak, Sell, Profit Virtual Training, I am committed to helping you make 2017 the best year ever in your business and life.

It’s time to get on stage like never before and make the kind of living you’ve dreamed of. It’s time to be your power-full self.

Not only will you learn how to package your offers, you will also learn how to create self-staged events that give you 100% control of the outcome. No one can tell you what to speak on, who to speak to or what to offer. It’s entirely up to you. That’s the great news.

On the flip side, it means you are 100% responsible for your success. A huge part of success is living a life of meaning, contribution and joy.

Be who you are and get paid handsomely for it

The best way to do this is to be totally who you are, with your own unique perspective and point of view, and be willing to ask for what you know you are worth. It’s that simple.

When you do, you’re truly standing in your power. When you stand in your power, everything clicks and connects like never before. Opportunities seem to come out of the woodwork. You meet just the right people who open doors for you. You wake up with a vibrancy most people only dream of.

It’s time to quit playing small. It’s time to play the biggest game you can. It’s time to make offers that make it possible for people to learn from you on all different levels.

Whether it’s a book, information products, coaching or consulting, when you know how to package your offers in a way that people jump at the chance to give you money, life dramatically changes.

Leah R. Kyaio

It’s awesome! I was able to successfully pre-sell my book from the platform.

This stuff works!  With Kathleen’s program I was able to find my inner strength and overcome my internal blocks, allowing me to successfully pre-sell my book from the platform in a way that aligned with my own integrity and provided capital to go to print.  It’s awesome!

Leah R. Kyaio, M.Ed.
Education Hack
With Respect

During this training you will learn how to...

It’s likely you are worth a heck of a lot more than you are currently making. You’ve probably heard about experts who are making incredible amounts of money by getting in front of groups large and small, presenting for as little as an hour and generating five and six figures in revenue.

The old rules suck!

The problem is you were taught to play by rules that basically said: “Get a job, work hard, don’t rock the boat and be happy when you get a 1% - 3% raise a year.”

That’s hogwash! It seriously doesn’t have to be this way. You CAN make an incredible living by speaking and selling.

It’s not at all uncommon for someone, who knows how to make the right offers, to make more at one event than most people make in a year or two of working 40 hours a week plus at a job they can’t stand. At my last two small events, one had ten people in attendance, the other had eight, I generated over $100,000 in revenues. I want to show you how you can do the same.

The old rules are the very rules that keep most people in the shadows, afraid to step out in a big way to their God-given gifts and live life in a big, big way.

The truth of the matter is this—you can make a great living, being who you are, making incredible offers that change the lives of the people you work with.

Quit playing by someone else’s rules

You know you’re playing by someone else’s rules if you’ve ever said this...

If you’re ready to skyrocket your business and enroll top-level clients in the simplest way possible, you’re ready for Speak, Sell, Profit Virtual Training.

Here’s the best part... even if you don’t yet offer high-end services, you can package books, information products and lower-priced coaching in a way that you can generate great money from each and every presentation you offer.

Best part of all is you learn from someone with over 20 years experience of selling from the platform.

There's more, much more, to becoming a successful speaker and making great money on the platform than simply a good presentation.

In Speak, Sell, Profit Training you will...

If you are ready to jumpstart your career with speaking and selling from the platform, you CAN learn how fast!

Contrary to what you may believe, to market your business

Sue Henry

Kathleen Gage teaches the specific steps and actions she has taken to grow a very profitable business.

I took her "speaker" course and as a result of applying what she taught, I am consistently seeing 4 and 5 figure product sales after I speak at an event. She talks from experience AND from her heart, which is a wonderful combination. Kathleen is definitely a rock star in her field!

Sue Henry

Isn't it time to start making money from
speaking and selling on the platform?
You can when you know what to do and how to do it!

In this 5 module series, you’ll receive:

Speak, Sell, Profit Live Virtual Training

Module 1

The Foundation
Lay a solid foundation for success, learn insider secrets to jump start your speaking business; learn what you absolutely must have to succeed; discover the biggest time and money wasters that 90% of wanna be and struggling speakers do; learn surefire methods to avoid a slow start so you can jumpstart your speaking career faster than you dreamed possible; and discover how to find and develop topics that sizzle, sell and shine. Discover where to put your efforts to get the greatest results. Knowing this will make all the difference in the world to a lukewarm business and one that is on fire!

Module 2

Develop Profitable Events
The cornerstone of your speaking business is having the ability, time and again, to create incredibly memorable presentations; those that get you hired over and over. In this very content rich session you will learn three types of profitable events that fit any speaking style. You will also learn how to have all the costs of your events offset so you are profitable before you ever set foot on the stage.

You will discover The Anatomy of A Profitable Presentation/Speech; How to Craft It, Customize It and Create More Business; Mastering The 3 C’s (Credibility, Confidence and Connection) of Audience Adoration and Rapport; and How to Turn Your Close Into A Profit Center. You will also learn essential information about room set-up and AV equipment that can make or break your presentation.

Module 3

Creating Multiple Streams of Revenue
Hugely successful speakers are those who have lots of different ways to make money. In this content rich session you will learn how to turn any speech into a book, CD or online information product that makes you thousands of dollars. You will capitalize on other proven methods for providing services to your clients that they willingly pay for. How to sell thousands of dollars worth of product from the platform. Learn the very methods I’ve used to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in back end revenue from speaking engagements. You will also learn how to effectively sell from the stage. You’ve likely seen “masters” at work who gave a great presentation and people in the audience couldn’t wait to buy whatever they were offering. This is truly an art and one you will learn how to make work for you.

Module 4

Visibility and Working with The Media
Your success is directly proportionate to who knows you, wants to know you and wants to hire you. In this session you will learn how to gain incredible visibility; how to work with the media to extend your market reach; The Power of Referrals and how to easily get them. How To Use Your Evaluation Form To Increase Business; Creative Ways To Maintain Your Visibility and Get More Business; and how to build your business so that no matter what happens you will always be able to generate revenues. You will learn how to gain massive visibility within your market that equates to increased sales.

Module 5

The Power Of Promotions
Gain and Maintain an Unstoppable Marketing Mindset

In this information packed module you learn low cost and no-cost methods to market your speaking engagements. You’ll learn how to fill events with those who are eager to learn from you and buy your information.

You will learn some of the most amazing ways to market yourself that keeps your business growing. You will learn how to build a solid database that generates money even while you sleep; how to keep your name in front of your clients consistently, and how to be a recognized authority in your area of expertise.


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Bonus #1 – The Power & Profit of Telesummits ($297 Value)

Telesummits are one of the fastest ways to jumpstart your market position, create great joint venture partnerships, build instant credibility, grow your subscriber list, inspire thousands while making great money.

In this 3 module home study program you will learn:

  • What a telesummit is and is not
  • Why telesummits can turn your business around
  • The most effective way to plan your telesummit - this will save you time, money and frustration
  • How to find and approach the right experts for your theme and market
  • Exactly how to work with experts and gain their commitment
  • How to streamle the process so you’re not spinning your wheels
  • How to use telesummits to build a huge subscriber list
  • How to effectively market your telesummit AND get the other experts to do so too
  • When to charge and when not to make your telesummit as profitable as possible
  • How to generate revenues on the front end and back end
  • How to repurpose the content

Bonus #2 - Kindle #1 Secrets Full Program - $197 Value

Write your book in no time, zoom it to #1 on Kindle, and let it make money for you – over and over!

The full training consists of 4 full modules – each with a high-content training video, cheat sheets, and checklists, detailing the entire process, step-by-step so that YOU can easily recreate it.

You will learn the exact formula I’ve been using to get every single Kindle book I publish to #1 in every category.



Full Value $497

Only $497! Special Offer $97!

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Kathleen Gage and The Power Up for Profits team are here to change your business and change your life. That’s why we invite you to fully enjoy the Speak, Sell, Profit program for 30 days and if you don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promise, we’ll happily refund 100% of your money. That’s right! Enjoy the program, the bonuses and all the training material for a full 30 days and if you do not believe we gave you every bit of value for your investment.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We require you do give the program your full effort before we refund your money. Why? Because we know that if you go through every module, apply the information and give it an honest effort, you’ll get results. It’s that simple. If you do the work and don’t get value, then we don’t deserve your money and we’ll gladly refund you.

A great deal of effort goes into any program Kathleen Gage brings to market. For this reason we ask that only those serious about their business get this program.

Success in business is a two way street. We deliver 100% on our promise and you MUST be willing to commit to learning and implementing the information. If you are not able to do this, do not get this program.

We are here to serve the people we are best suited for. We stand behind the value and quality of this program.